What does Juffie mean?

noun: Teacher

Translated to Afrikaans: Juffrou

Abbreviation for “Mejuffrou”

Translated to English means, “Miss”- Young Lady.

Head Designer and founder of Juffie Clothing studied and lectured Fashion Design at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein and obtained a Diploma in Fashion and a National Higher Diploma in Clothing as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

After completing her studies and relocating she took on the daunting task of being an English Teacher. Facing the professional work environment she had to quickly adapt her controversial ways of dressing to that of a presentable teacher.

After being in the profession for almost 5 years she discovered the main issue that most teachers face on a daily basis.

Teachers don’t shop for fashion anymore, teachers shop for work appropriate clothing and instead of thinking, “Wow, I look so fashionable!”, our thoughts have changed to, “Gosh, can I wear it to work?”

Teachers find themselves dressing in exactly the same clothes on weekends and during the week. Teachers started leaving out the youthful, beautiful, MISS in their clothing.

Although teachers WANT to dress fashionable, they need to conform and adhere to certain dress codes that would be appropriate in front of children.

We NEED fashionable, work-appropriate clothing at affordable prices.

We NEED clothes that we can wear when we are free and enjoying ourselves that we don’t need to wear to work.

Thus, Juffie came to existence.

Teachers/ “Juffies” need to be reminded of how beautiful they are.

Women are all teachers, rolemodels, examples, and pillars of strength. Not just those who practice the profession, but even the ladies in society that teenagers look up to and admire on social media.

Juffie is for women, beautiful, passionate, driven, fashion forward women who like to look and feel good both in their free time and at work.

Juffie@work and Juffie@Play is for everyone, young and old.

Clothing made for the occasion you need it for.

Quality, Hand made, exclusive, South African Clothing created by a “Juffie” for all the “Juffies” in South Africa.